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Services to transform culture, build leaders and achieve exceptional results.

From reviews and organisational insights to the implementation of strategy, training, coaching, and trusted advisory services, Holistic Humans & Business provides a comprehensive range of services aimed at driving organisational success.

Take a look at just some of the services available with Katrina Mellick at Holistic Humans & Business.

At Holistic Humans & Business, we specialise in developing rock-solid, contemporary Organisational Strategy; co-creating impactful Change Management processes; and leading in people, culture and performance projects that align strategy, actions and outcomes. Programs are curated for each client and may include:

Programs are curated for each client and may include:

  • Creating High Performance Teams
  • Holistic Leadership 101
  • Advanced Holistic Leadership
  • Leading With Mental Health in Mind
  • Cognitive Dissonance – The Silent Assassin
  • Stress Management
  • Mindfulness and Wellness.

Organisational Reviews

A detailed review of the business can uncover untapped potential and opportunities for growth.

Through a comprehensive analysis of the organisation’s culture and human operating system, Katrina can develop strategies and action plans that recognise the strengths of the business, and ways to embed a high-performance culture to achieve your business goals.

Strategic Planning

A well-structured and implemented Strategic Plan can mean the difference between organisational success and languishing with low employee engagement, high turnover, and mediocre results.

At Holistic Humans & Business, Katrina takes a human-centred approach to strategic planning, drawing on her extensive experience in organisational leadership and development.

The Strategic Planning service is designed to meet the needs of the organisation, and to provide a pathway towards lasting and measurable results. Katrina delivers strategic planning in a way that empowers leaders, staff, and organisations to deliver on the plan, to cascade actions and to achieve meaningful and impactful change.

Organisational Change & Development

During the lifecycle of an organisation, there are times when a review and reinvigoration of the culture and values may be required. This can be due to changes in direction, leadership or new and changing products and services.

A Holistic Humans & Business Organisational Change & Development project will involve a holistic assessment of the company’s culture, identifying strengths and areas for growth.

Leveraging Katrina’s passion for ancient teachings and the latest neuroscience findings, she facilitates transformative changes that elevate employee engagement, boost productivity, and cultivate an inclusive and collaborative work environment.

This may include:

  • Establishment of new or revised Corporate Values.
  • Development of a Cultural Values Index to empower all leaders and staff to exemplify the values.
  • Strategic Plan creation or revision to align with the Corporate Values.
  • Action Plans to achieve Strategic Planning aims.

These projects are designed to deliver on your objectives and to jointly build, and commit, to foundational pillars on which the organisation can stand.

Training & Workshop Facilitation

Katrina delivers bespoke training and workshops to organisations to meet their needs. Rooted in a foundational servant-leader approach, Katrina draws on extensive facilitation and engagement experience to deliver engaging sessions that empower individuals, teams, and organisations.

With options to deliver training and workshops face-to-face and online, these sessions are designed to unlock the potential of your leadership team or your workforce and to drive sustainable success.

CEO Reviews, Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Katrina is passionate about sharing her experiences as a CEO, leader and manager to support the development of exceptional leaders in contemporary organisations.

With decades of leadership experience, Katrina can conduct in-depth CEO Reviews and curate specialised training that equips all levels of leadership with the skills and insights necessary to embody leadership.

With a blend of coaching, mentoring, and trusted advisor services, Katrina can work with experienced executives through to the next generation of leaders, to drive positive change and inspire their teams to thrive.

Our Process

Working with Holistic Humans & Business is simple, with a 3-stage approach to all projects.

Exploration and Unveiling Potential

With a personalised approach to understanding an organisation’s current state, Katrina will uncover untapped potential, identify key strengths, and understand the unique aspirations of her clients.

By building a meaningful connection with her clients, Katrina builds a deep and personal understanding of the starting point for all services.

Building Momentum & A Foundation for Transformation

Through personalised strategies and co-designed roadmaps, Katrina empowers individuals and organisations to navigate their transformational journey. Leveraging a unique blend of ancient wisdom, neuroscience insights, and proven methodologies, Katrina partners with her clients to build their capacity to drive positive change and foster a thriving environment.

Implementation, Sustainment & Monitoring

With as much support as is needed, Katrina provides ongoing support, training, and coaching to implement the strategies or initiatives that have been developed for sustained success.

This commitment to your growth and development ensures a lasting impact that allows you to reach your fullest potential and drives remarkable results in the long term.


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