Katrina Mellick

Meet Katrina Mellick, a visionary business strategist and transformational leader who has led a remarkable career. As an award-winning CEO, experienced Board Director and civic leader, Katrina’s lifelong commitment to learning has resulted in an exceptional ability to respectfully question the status quo and guide her clients to insights and transformation.

Katrina holds a Bachelor’s degree in both Education and Psychology, as well as a Graduate Certificate from the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Drawing on decades of diverse experiences, Katrina has honed her skills as a, Coach, Mentor, Trusted Advisor, Business Advisor, and Business Cultural Change Agent. As a facilitator and speaker, she effortlessly engages audiences with her wealth of insights and compassionate approach.

Katrina’s upbringing in a family who ran small businesses for generations was the foundation for her invaluable business organisational skills which were honed during her 20+ years of leading an NFP community-based organisation.

Katrina led the organisation from the brink of closure to become a robust regional organisation with numerous revenue streams, a substantial workforce, and a significant social impact. Further, serving as a board member for over 10 years in a nationally significant organisation, Katrina represented an industry worth over $1 billion annually, earning a Life Membership to that body.

Adding to her diverse background, Katrina also served as a local government Councillor and Deputy Mayor. In this role, she collaborated with key stakeholders to drive change in her community, managing a substantial budget across a vast geographical area.

Combining her vast experience, knowledge of the latest neuroscience research, and a passion for ancient wisdom learnings, Katrina has a unique ability to recognise and unlock the potential in individuals and organisations alike. For as long as Katrina can remember, her spiritual and personal growth has been a focus and she has dedicated time and practice to this ongoing pursuit.

A perpetual student with an insatiable appetite for learning, Katrina’s mind, body, soul practice has served as a vessel for growth, acceptance and understanding; and Katrina’s clients benefit from this added dimension and wisdom – where human and business converge. Katrina knows, first-hand, that a practice is just that, an ever-evolving commitment to growth, and, just like her clients, Katrina is stronger in certain areas over others (we all have our weaknesses).

Katrina breaks the traditional mould for supporting businesses to develop visions and values; for facilitating organisational change and for life coaching as she allows space for wisdom and intuition that guides her approach and decisions. A natural storyteller and creative innovator, Katrina connects deeply with her clients to serve as an active agent of transformational change.
Katrina’s clients understand that this unique approach brings about insights that may not otherwise have been realised; and her safe, down-to-earth, and compassionate approach, coupled with a willingness to confront challenges head-on, allows her to walk beside clients on their transformational journeys with unwavering support and insight.

Discover the power of collaboration and empowerment with Katrina, as she fearlessly guides you towards achieving all that you seek to achieve.

The Philosophy

At Holistic Humans & Business, our philosophy is rooted in the belief that true potential lies within each individual, waiting to be unlocked and realised.

Katrina Mellick takes pride in supporting and empowering her clients on their transformational journey.

With a continually evolving eclectic approach, grounded in the ongoing study of numerous approaches, Katrina is equipped to co-design tailored solutions with each client. This collaborative approach ensures that the client takes ownership of the process, whilst drawing on Katrina’s wisdom and experience to achieve their desired result.

From research and insight to implementation of strategy, training, coaching, mentoring, and trusted advisory services, Holistic Humans & Business provides a comprehensive range of services aimed at driving meaningful progress and success.

Together, let’s unleash your potential and achieve the transformative growth you are seeking.


At Holistic Humans and Business we:

Practice our potential

Listen and learn with curious open hearts and minds

Consciously challenge

Appreciate ourselves and each other

Discover wonder and awe in the everyday

Services & Specialties

At Holistic Humans & Business, everything we do is underpinned by our Values with programs curated for each client, which may include:

  • Leading With Mental Health in Mind
  • Cognitive Dissonance – The Silent Assassin
  • Stress Management
  • Mindfulness and Wellness
  • Creating High Performance Teams
  • Holistic Leadership 101
  • Advanced Holistic Leadership


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