Unlocking human potential

with proven processes to empower individuals and organisations.

Building organisational capacity

with the latest insights into cultural change and performance.

Creating bespoke solutions

for small to medium businesses to evolve and grow.

Providing a safe space

for individuals to share their aspirations and goals.


I work with individuals and businesses to truly understand their needs and challenges, before sharing tools and insights to empower them to achieve their goals and objectives.

The Holistic Humans & Business transformational process has been proven in Australia and internationally, with individuals, small businesses, NFPs and large organisations.

Bespoke solutions

I dive deep and start where you are. Whether you are an individual in need of life coaching, or a large organisation undertaking major cultural change, I have a method to support you to achieve your goals.

Ancient wisdom, modern insights

With a lifelong interest in ancient traditions, the latest neuroscience and quantum physics, I am passionate about finding ways to use these insights to create and support change.


With the deepest respect for every human, I will offer my wisdom and guidance to support all clients to fearlessly pursue their goals and dreams.

Our Process

Working with Holistic Humans & Business is simple, with a 3-stage approach to all projects.

Exploration and Unveiling Potential

With a personalised approach to understanding an organisation’s current state, Katrina will uncover untapped potential, identify key strengths, and understand the unique aspirations of her clients.

By building a meaningful connection with her clients, Katrina builds a deep and personal understanding of the starting point for all services.

Building Momentum & A Foundation for Transformation

Through personalised strategies and co-designed roadmaps, Katrina empowers individuals and organisations to navigate their transformational journey. Leveraging a unique blend of ancient wisdom, neuroscience insights, and proven methodologies, Katrina partners with her clients to build their capacity to drive positive change and foster a thriving environment.

Implementation, Sustainment & Monitoring

With as much support as is needed, Katrina provides ongoing support, training, and coaching to implement the strategies or initiatives that have been developed for sustained success.

This commitment to your growth and development ensures a lasting impact that allows you to reach your fullest potential and drives remarkable results in the long term.

Our Solutions

Founder, Katrina Mellick, holds a Bachelor of Education, a Bachelor of Psychology and a Graduate Certificate from the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

With a unique ability to draw on decades of award-winning business, governance, and civic leadership experience, backed up with extensive knowledge of the latest neuroscience findings and a passion for ancient wisdom, she sees the potential in people and organisations and walks beside them on their journey of transformation.

Katrina creates a safe space for all clients. She is down-to-earth, fearless, sometimes confronting, always compassionate, engaging, and insightful.

Strategic Planning

Unleash your organisation’s true potential through strategic planning that drives meaningful results

Organisational Change & Development

Empower your organisation with transformative change and development strategies for lasting success

Corporate Training & Workshop Facilitation

Programs curated for your organisation, including Holistic Leadership (Introductory & Advanced), Mental Health Awareness and Creating High Performance Teams

Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Elevate your leadership abilities with personalised coaching and mentoring

CEO Review

Enhance your CEO’s effectiveness and performance through comprehensive reviews and targeted improvements

Trusted Advisor

Katrina Mellick walks beside you to achieve breakthroughs and maximise your organisation’s potential

Business Reviews

Identify opportunities for growth and efficiency with comprehensive business reviews tailored to your unique needs

Strategic Planning

Build a roadmap to success with strategic planning that aligns your business objectives and drives growth

Organisational Culture Reviews & Improvement Projects

Foster a thriving organisational culture through insightful reviews and impactful improvement projects

Training & Facilitation

Unlock the full potential of your team through engaging training and facilitation sessions

Management Development Programs

Develop exceptional leaders within your organisation through personalised management development programs

Life Coaching

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment with personalised life coaching

Personal Growth

Unlock your full potential and achieve personal growth with a holistic approach to self-improvement

Leadership Skills Development

Cultivate strong leadership skills and excel in your professional journey with expert guidance

Mindfulness & Meditation

Find inner balance and clarity through mindfulness and meditation practices

Goal Setting & Achievement

Set and accomplish your aspirations with structured goal-setting techniques and unwavering support

Knowledge from experience

With 30+ years’ experience leading in business, government and major industry associations, Katrina shares her insights and practical approach to achieving your goals.

With a strong commitment, the goal is to aid in the cultivation of ‘holistic humans’ using an exclusive and reliable method that amalgamates age-old wisdom, spiritual routines, and the most recent scientific understandings of the human brain.

Katrina accompanies her clients on a journey towards organizational transformation, effective leadership, and tangible outcomes for both businesses and individuals. Through her guidance, Katrina provides a blend of insight and actionable resources, assisting organizations of various scales in defining and attaining their strategic objectives.

Social Proof

Over seven years, Katrina played a leading board role with me when I was Chair ...
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Professor Allan Dale
James Cook University
Over seven years, Katrina played a leading board role with me when I was Chair of RDA Far North Queensland and Torres Strait, covering a period of exceptional influence in securing major long term infrastructure investment in our extensive and diverse region. I would strongly recommend Katrina in executive coaching, mentoring and trusted advisor roles as well as for business development and strategic planning support.
Professor Allan Dale
James Cook University
Katrina is an extremely experienced leader in the regional development and employment field. She also ...
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Katrina is an extremely experienced leader in the regional development and employment field. She also now has substantive experience in local leadership, having just completed a very successful four-year term as Deputy Mayor at Tablelands Regional Council.
Katrina is an extraordinarily perceptive, wise and practical individual. I’ve known her for...
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Andrew Griffiths
International best- selling author, speaker and mentor
Katrina is an extraordinarily perceptive, wise and practical individual. I’ve known her for many years and admire the way she carries herself, her professionalism, and the advice she offers. As a transformational leader, I don’t hesitate to seek her advice and counsel and I encourage others to do the same.
Andrew Griffiths
International best- selling author, speaker and mentor


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